The Macrobiotic Way to Greater Health with Steven Acuff

Steven Acuff 2014 Hello, I will soon expand this website with lots of information about food for health and self-healing.

My approach is based on Macrobiotics, a unique way of understanding the complex subject of food and health. The macrobiotic way goes beyond scientific, analytical concepts and includes the energetic effect of food on both physical and mental health. The macrobiotic way of eating has given me many years of wellness without ever needing a doctor.

Macrobiotic thinking is truly holistic and promotes clearer intuition and judgement by supporting the nervous system with optimal nutrition. The macrobiotic way takes into account personal needs that otherwise get too little attention with the common one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. 

Soon the release of my new book will bring my activities to a new level. The book is entitled:

'Whole Food – The True Fountain of Youth for Body and Mind' and will contain 120 pages of recipes by


Angelika Bertacco, my co-author. I'll be giving you updates from my Facebook  page and you can follow me on Twitter

You can view the first chapter of the new book in .pdf format here or right click this link and choose 'Save link as.'

A simple wholefood guide is available in three languages below. siply click to open in a new window, or right click and choose 'save link as' to save to your computer.

British-Flag A simple wholefood guide English Language
german-flag A simple wholefood guide Deutsche Sprache
swedish-flag A simple wholefood guide Svenska Språket

If you would like to try a macrobiotic menu offering you a week's supply of ideas, you can view one here,
or right click this link and choose  'save link as.'


There will be new features on this website with a blog and forum for discussion with all who want to learn more about the macrobiotic way of eating and living.

In the meanwhile you can ask any questions about health and macrobiotic food preparation if you email me

Steven Acuff