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Hi Im Steven Acuff and thank you for stopping by my Website.

Macrobiotics is a unique approach to the much discussed subject of how to eat for optimal health.
Above all, the macrobiotic way takes into account personal needs that otherwise get too little attention with the common one-size-fits-all approach. 

This year I plan to release my new book and I will keep readers updated on that project. Thanks for your interest.

My new book will be entitled  Whole Food – The True Fountain of Youth for Body and Mind' and will contain 100 pages of recipes! I'll be giving you regular updates from my Facebook  page and you can follow me on Twitter

We are planning lots of new and improved features, along with an exciting new range of services for you to enjoy including a monthly newsletter and an 'Inner Circle' – area for tips and guidance on health and diet.

If in the meanwhile you have any questions about health and macrobiotic food preparation or email me

Steven Acuff 

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